Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meet Mystic Mazz

My poor husband has been dragged along to the blogging workshops that I have been facilitating with Lyn Blair.

So I am very proud to announce the birth of a new blog belonging to my husband: Mystic Mazz

Do pop along and say 'hello' to him. However, at this point I would like to publically make a disclaimer that although I have been married to him for nearly 25 years, he and his blog is nothing to do with me!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You are feeding me too much fun lately!

infomidwife said...

Sarah, you have almost your whole family bloging! its a good blog, lots of comments.

Sarah Stewart said...

@hbacmama: I am seriously worried about you - you need to get out more! :)

@infomidwife: I can assure you that the last remember of the family will not have a blog even if I threatened to boil him in oil for 10 minutes! He does have a bebo account, but I am not especially confident he is developing literacy skills there! But, I suppose it's better than nothing...or is it?!