Friday, May 1, 2009

Birth unit design research in the UK

I am very pleased to have made contact with Selina who is a teacher, doula and health analyst. Selina is involved in birth unit design research in the UK.

Parallel research

Selina is using her blog "Deverra" to explore issues of birth unit design in much the same way I am using mine for the virtual birth unit project. It is fascinating to see how our work parallels each other. For example, we both have posts about women's views on birthing and environment - Selina has a brilliant video where women give their views, and I have used Twitter to gather my data.

Resources for Te Wahi Whanau

The other great thing about this blog is that we are going to be able to use it as a resource for the virtual birth unit, for example, Selina has given me permission to use the images of various birth units in the UK - I haven't seen anything like them in New Zealand or Australia - which is giving me food for thought in terms of how we can improve "Te Wāhi Whānau/ The Birth Place".


Selina and Christine said...

So glad that we can work together like this, it really shows you the value of the internet and how it can bring people together and spark ideas!

Carolyn said...

I only just found this post Sarah. These pictures look fantastic. what a great place. i must go to Selina's blog.