Sunday, May 3, 2009

Program for the virtual International Day of the Midwife

Well, this is it - the program for the virtual International Day of the Midwife May 5th 2009. A huge 'thank you' to everyone who has freely volunteered their time to make resources and present 'live' sessions. And a big hug to my co-organiser Deborah Davis who will be facilitating the 'live' sessions with me all hours of the day and night.

Activities and resources
There's a real mix of activities from meetings in Second Life, to 'live' discussions ranging from clinical practice, international midwifery to sustainability and how to reduce maternal mortality. There are videos, slidecast, Prezi and Wordle presentations. And of course, there's a Twitter discussion. All the live sessions will be recorded and posted on the IDM09 wiki in the next week.

Not too late to take part
If anyone would still like to present a live session, it is still possible to do so, so please contact me or Deborah Davis ( as soon as possible.

If you do attend a session or have a look at a resource, please feel free to complete the short feedback form:

Wishing all you midwives a fun and reflective day on Tuesday.

Image: Amy and Melody, the midwife wickenden


Tania said...

Hi Sarah,
thanks for setting all this up for us On International Midwives day. Will be popping in and out of the sessions as time allows.

Moira Stephens said...

Hi Sarah, apologies I had to dash previously - had an organic visitor. Ethical dilema comes to mind with regard to do 1st or 2nd life interactions have priority? I think what you have done is a great step in dimishing some of the major barriers to interaction and communication - I can definitely see an International day for Cancer Nurses. I haven't been able to take part in much but revisted the birth centre and had a look around - it is great, hopefully see you later.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Tania & Moira

thank you both for popping by-we appreciate your support!

mm said...

That was great fun. Sorry to flake out on you. I figure three hours of sleep might have kept me going for a bit today.
Went to our celebrations at the Provincial Legislature. Loads of fun with media in attendance.
Spoke about you and the programs in NZ with the political people. We have these sorts of educational options for nurses... why on earth not for midwives!
stomps foot and dreams of relocating to NZ.

Carolyn said...

Well done Sarah. That was a good idea and seemed to work really well. Sorry circumstances meant I was not able to get there for a lot of the day.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you, mm and Carolyn - I will write a short report and reflection soon and post it here because I want to know what people think about trying to make this an annual event. cheers, Sarah