Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blogging in Chinchilla

This is my plan for the blogging workshop I am facilitating in Chinchilla on Saturday.

10am-12pm Objectives

  • Be able to describe what a blog is.
  • Be able to find blogs that interest you.
Here are some blogs that may interest you, or use to find blogs.

Reality Bites Writing Festival:
Dipping into the blogpond - Top 100 Australian blogs index:
  • Be able to use a RSS feed to monitor blogs that interest you.
  • Be able to describe the aim and purpose of your blog - why am I writing this, and who is my audience?
12pm-1pm Lunch

1pm-3pm Objectives
  • To set up blog with appropriate settings.
  • Be able to discuss why commenting on other people’s blogs is important and enable people to comment on your blog.
  • Be able to follow your comments on other people's blogs.
  • Be able to discuss how to control spam.
  • Be able to discuss why you would or would not moderate your blog.
  • Be able to use hyperlinks and upload images.
  • To write first post.
  • To set up profile.
  • To exchange blog addresses with other workshop participants.
Please complete feedback survey

Additional resources:

Sue Waters: Here's my first five top tips for writing better blog posts.
Create and maintain a basic weblog: Getting to the point.
Problogger: 31 Day Blog Challenge.

Image: 'Blogging Au Plein Air, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot' Mike Licht,


Mike Bogle said...

Sounds like a great session! Have a great time :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah

Anonymous said...

I will learn lots of new skills today.........

Debbie said...

The world doors are open to us now - you have created monsters!! - or have you just released the inner monster??? LOL

Megan said...

hello there

Craig Tunley said...

Enjoying the workshop Sarah and have been able to leave a comment.


Manda Jay said...

Learning heaps... Great Workshop!

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you all for inviting me to Chinchilla. I had a fabulous time working with you & I wish you lots of fun with your blogging!

Debbie Smith said...

Hi Sarah - have a question - how does google find our blogging pages?? Do we or can we add 'tags' to our blogs - and how???

Have been having fun with a new blogg for my business - will let you know when its up and running...

Sarah Stewart said...

Hello everyone

Thank you all for your lovely comments. I had a fabulous time, as I always do when I come up your way - you always make me feel so welcome. I hope you'll persevere with your blogs - as with everything, you get out of it what you put in.

Your feedback:
Relevancy of workshop
4 people said very relevant
1 person said relevant

5 people said very good

Overall experience of workshop
1.all in all it was a very productive and interesting day 2.Fantastic - could easily follow you sarah and I don't think I am very IT literate!! You used plain speak and explained it all so clearly
3.Great workshop - informative, interesting and relevant 4.Learned heaps
5.I thought the workshop was informative and interesting. Even though I had already set up a blog prior to the workshop, I was able to work through the process which has certainly helped my understanding of the different components that make up a good blog.

Changes for the future?
1.the perennial issue of needing more time !!
2.nothing much....
3.More breaks to stretch

How has this workshop made you think about blogging?
100% of you felt "inspired" to get on with blogging.

Suggestions for workshops in the future.
1.I could have done with longer time - just 'cause I liked it!! 2. E-luminate