Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reality Bites: How to make a blog

Welcome to Reality Bites Writers' Festival - The what, why and how of becoming blog savvy.


How to follow other people's blogs.
To set up blog with appropriate settings.
Be able to discuss why commenting on other people’s blogs is important and enable people to comment on your blog.
Be able to follow your comments on other people's blogs.
Be able to discuss how to control spam.
Be able to discuss why you would or would not moderate your blog.
Be able to use hyperlinks and upload images.
To write first post.
To set up profile.
To exchange blog addresses with other workshop participants.

Useful information
Sue Waters: Here's my first five top tips for writing better blog posts.
Create and maintain a basic weblog: Getting to the point.
Problogger: 31 Day Blog Challenge.
Sue Waters and Michele Martin: 31 Day Comment Challenge.

Please leave comments and feedback about the workshop in the 'comments' section of this post.
What did you enjoy? What changes can you suggest for future workshops

Thank you.

Image: 'Sunrise, Noosaville, Queensland.' fastskybus

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