Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Using Blurb to publish a book

For some time I have been meaning to back-up this blog. I would be gutted if anything happened to it because I have put so much work into it.

Basic settings - export blog
One option is to use the "export blog" facility found in Basic Settings.

Making my blog into a book
The second option is to make my blog into a book. This is an option suggested by Leigh Blackall, who recommended I use wikibooks.

But the tool I am going to try is Blurb which was recommended to me by Matthew Cashmore who I met at the weekend at the Reality Bites blogging workshop.

It's all in the blurb
According to Matthew, it is a very reasonably priced way of publishing your own books. All you do is make your book and then you order how ever many copies you want printed at very reasonable prices. Apparently, the quality of the printing is very good.

I haven't used it yet but when I do, I'll let you know how I get on.

Image: 'Blurb Book Suveniruri de la Londra 3' KLMircea


Leigh Blackall said...

Actually, what I recommended was Lulu, not wikibooks. I recomend wikibooks for writing a text book or the like.. your book-to-be is already written.

Nice to know you haven't bought a copy of my fabulous blog books.. which explains your gaps in understadning ;)

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you, Leigh, for pointing out my 'gaps in understanding'. As always, I am thrilled you have put me right :)