Friday, July 3, 2009

A 'down and dirty' assignment

OK! I admit it! I am a bad student! I haven't prepared my presentation for Assignment Two of the Flexible Learning course which is this afternoon. So here's a very, very quick summary (down and dirty) of what I am going to talk about in response to the feedback that was given to me in my original plan last week.

Concise explanation of flexible learning plan

  • Course for eMentors in aged care sector in Australia
  • Offered by RTO: Aged Care Queensland Inc
  • Certificate Level Four - I think this would be equivalent of certificate level in New Zealand
  • For mentors before and after eMentoring experience
  • Motivated students but time poor and geographically challenged
  • Most are likely to be managers or similar position, but at the very least will have Certificate Level Three or Four aged care qualifications (requirements to be eMentor)
  • Moderate computer skills - will be provided computer training and support to be eMentor
  • Prepare people for their roles as eMentors.
  • Provide a qualification for those who have already had the experience of being an eMentor - to support carer progression and evidence of their ability for future roles as eMentors.
How the course will be delivered
  • Distance - blended delivery - online and paper/CD ROM
  • Minimal face-to-face because of geographical and financial constraints but need to look at creative ways of dealing with this for people who prefer face-to-face interaction, maybe with local support.
  • Constructionist approach-making sense of their learning in their context of their work
  • Aligning assessment with what they are doing in their every day eMentoring practice - needs analysis to match up their learning needs with what they need to 'deliver' in way of assessment.
  • Portfolio - mix of personal reflection and evidence of eMentoring activities.
  • Certificate level does not require in-depth reflection and critical thinking but role of eMentor does - have to find balance in assessment evaluation.
Examples or methods that inspired your plan
How your plan fits within your educational organisation
  • ACQI - strongly support flexible approach to learning and education and reaching students in rural and remote locations.
Access and equity
  • Flexible modes of delivery to overcome constraints of time, location and learning skills/styles.
  • Flexible times for assessment and taking course to suit eMentors time constraints, being mindful that with rolling enrollment, it is more difficult to bring people together.
  • How can I facilitate social learning in context of rolled over enrollment - is rolled over enrollment appropriate or workable?
Cultural sensitivity
  • Make provision for indigenous students and people from backgrounds of cultural diversity.
  • How can I manage provide face-to-face support/education if that is their preference?
  • These students may not have the need for face-to-face in the way I assume they will - individual assessment
  • Material provided in way that meets their needs.
  • Open access education resources.
  • Encouraging ex-students to 'mentor' current students
I am not at all sure I have addressed any of the feedback on my original plan - at the moment I feel like I am going round and round in circles. This is why I have chosen to make a face-to-face presentation this afternoon. People can tease out the issues that I have been unable to articulate very well in my last few blog posts.

Wish me luck!!

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