Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The empty nest

Last weekend was a momentous one for hubby and I as parents - both of our young adults left home...YEY!

It took precisely six days for our son to come back to borrow his father's drill (which he still hasn't returned despite promising faithfully that he would within an hour) and do his washing. Our daughter had a longer gap...she managed to last eleven days before returning home for a night because she's feeling very unwell.

And, apparently...what I have learned in the last twelve is obligatory to provide Sunday supper every week for your fledglings...preferably a roast dinner. And, if you're exceptionally good parents, you'll give the afore-mentioned fledglings left-overs!

You know the stuff you put in the garden to keep cats away...well, I wondering if there's the equivalent to keep kids away from home...a sort of child-repellent. What do you think? :)

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