Friday, July 2, 2010

Dunedin digital strategy

There are currently calls from the Dunedin City Council for submissions about the Dunedin Digital Strategy. We have two options for giving feedback - send in a submission and/or complete an online survey. The submission date is the 16th July and they will be heard at a meeting held on the 26th July.

I am planning to send in a submission but am just mulling over what I want to say. I think the main points I want to emphasise are:
  • Dunedin should have widespread quality Internet connection;
  • people need to be supported to learn what to do with the Internet once they have access to it;
  • steps should be taken to make sure everyone has access to the Internet and no one is excluded.
What would you include in a digital strategy?

I have never written a submission before so if anyone has any tips on how to do it, please feel free to let me know.


David Callaghan said...

I know San Fransciso city has been blanketed with free WiFi access for a few years - perhaps one might find some of their experineces useful to draw on? More info from:

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for that, David. We also have a NZ Digital Strategy here, so it will be interesting to compare with the SF work.

Claire said...

OK so I'm biased but in the UK the Digital Britain report has been criticised for excluding people with disabilities and focusing much more on those in low socio economic areas and children and young people.

I know its a question of where do you end, but consideration also needs to be given to giving people an understanding of what can be done by having internet access (online shopping? I never knew!), and a framework for developing "web smarts" for people who face particular risk online

Sarah Stewart said...

Hello Claire, great comment and thoughts I'll keep in mind. And , thank you for the link - much appreciated