Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mapping the skills I want to strengthen as an online facilitator

I have been monitoring the blogs of the participants of the "Facilitating Online" course, and a number of them are being very creative with their mindmaps and thinking about what they want to achieve, which is the requirement of week 2 of the course. I decided I couldn't let them beat me. So here's an Animoto video that depicts what I want to do to improve my performance as an online facilitator.


Karen Humber said...

Okay Sarah - you win! But I have to ask. Do you use a MAC?

willie campbell said...

gracious me sarah- what a zippy person you are. Love your cat also- has the dog eaten too much chocolate now?
Again- just keep on mistressing the technology and run a paralell course of critical refelction and we'll all get there.

Sarah Stewart said...

@Karen No. Use a PC. MACs scare me :)

@Willie Beauty of this online 'stuff' is that I am constantly challenged, which is fabulous for life-long learning and also means I never get bored :)