Sunday, July 11, 2010

"Facilitating Online 2010" starts in a week


Mike Bogle said...

Wow! Sarah the course wiki is looking positively amazing! What a great example of practice.

I'm going to use this as a reference for people starting to contemplate online learning because all too frequently uploaded PDFs is the extent of things.

It's also great to see a wiki used in this way, because in my neck of the woods the LMS is still unfortunately the defacto standard - so thanks for providing such a fantastic example of other ways of working.

I'll be paying attention to the course - can't say that I'll manage to participate in any ongoing way, more likely lurking. But I always enjoy watching this course unfold.

Congratulations and good luck this session!

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for the support, Mike, which as always is greatly appreciated.

My big concern is that I've over done it...what do you think, Mike? Too much information?

Mike Bogle said...

Well there is a lot of information, however you've structured it in such a way that it makes it really easy to navigate around and locate the information that's relevant to you.

For instance the use of section navigation (About, Assignments, Course Schedule), and then clear headings within each page.

The incorporation of dynamic feeds and attributed Creative-Commons images is also a beautiful touch that adds depth to the site I think.

So I don't think there's any issue with what you've included here at all - quite the contrary, it's a great resource that will work as well during periods when the course isn't offered as it does during the course.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks Mike.

Getting nervous and needy so grateful for any kind word :) :)

Carolyn Hastie said...

Ha ha nervous and needy Sarah! You are funny! The course is fabulous and I'm loving the videos that you have sent to get us all in the starting blocks. I'm still thinking about the mini seminar. Someone made a comment on the posting about the course that I put on my blog, so that's a good start.
I've been looking at the resources and although there are a lot, they are all high quality and useful.
Thanks Sarah. Looking good.

Sarah Stewart said...

I'm really looking forward to this course because it looks like we've got a real mix of people. What will be interesting to monitor is the number of informal students who start but do not complete - this will become a research project later in the year when we compare this course with previous courses.