Friday, March 4, 2011

Bathroom renovations

We live in an old wooden villa which is about 90 years old. We moved here nine years ago and rented the house, then bought it off the landlord who wanted to get rid of it as it needed quite a lot of renovation.

Very slowly we have been renovating room by room. To be honest, we haven't done anything much over the last couple of years. But it has got to a point where we need to attack the bathroom because it is deteriorating badly.

So poor old hubby is spending his month's holiday doing it up. We had hoped we'd be able to do the cheapest, minimalist job possible. But suffice to say, that's not going to happen. So it's stripping everything down, replacing wood that has been eaten away by bora, and putting in new plumbing, bathroom suite and electrics.

I will be extremely sorry to see the bath go because it is the original cast iron bath...beautifully deep and relaxing. But the cost of renovating it is far more than buying a new one. Hopefully we'll be able to preserve it so we can sell it...apparently it is quite valuable. But the likelihood is we'll have to smash it up into bits so we can get it out of the house.

What am I looking forward to? It's got to be a heated towel rail. I know they cost lots of money to run but there's nothing like getting out of the shower in the winter and putting on a lovely, warm towel.

But in the meantime, I have to live with dust absolutely everywhere and goodness knows how many days without a shower....but that is nothing compared to what the poor people in Christchurch are suffering at the moment :(

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