Friday, March 25, 2011

What planet do plumbers live on?

I ask this question because I swear they do not live on planet earth.

My recent experience of plumbers during our bathroom renovations has led me to conclude they live on another planet because they never respond to communication...they are unable to communicate in earth talk even when you do manage to get through to them...and finding their way to your home is impossible for them, even with an inter-galactic time machine.

Here we are, four weeks later, still waiting for a plumber to give us a quote and actually turn up to do the work.

So when you find out where in the universe Planet Plumber is situated and work out how to communicate with the planet's inhabitants, please beam me up....Scotty!

Image: 'jump spaceman, jump!'


Hervé said...

To plumb a bathroom, it is still faster to find someone to show you how to do it, then to do it yourself. If it does not leak, it's good, and you are saving 1000s.(experience talking there)
It is not too difficult. Plumbing is so overrated!

Technical correction:
to find your way to a home, you need either or map, or a Global navigation satellite system AKA sat nav.
The reason they did not make it to you is that you told them to use a inter-galactic time machine. They are still looking for that and are going to charge you for the time it takes to find it.

On the positive side, the weather is turning to rain, so you can combine physical activity (walking/running/cycling) with personal hygiene (showering)


Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you, Herve, for the technical correction. To say I am concerned is an under-statement. Just dreading the bill when a. they find the intergalatic time machine, and then b. get to my house!! But I have a cunning plan...I am going to steal Batman's homing you think that will help?!

BTW, we have heard from a plumber & he promises to be here first thing Monday am. There's going to be trouble if he isn't cos hubby is going to rip out the bath this weekend. On a serious note, I'll get a taste of what the poor people in Christchurch are experiencing without toilets and bathing facilities.

Plumber Davidson said...

Ahm plumbet mario? LOL hehe. Got me LOLing on the chair, thanks for the post Sarah Stewart :D

Plumber Collaroy said...

Pipes? :)

Sarah Stewart said...

You guys tell're the plumbers :)