Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sharpening up my stalking skills

Sadly for Christchurch, the earthquake has meant it has lost the Rugby Union World Cup games that it was to host in September. There is too much damage to the Christchurch's stadium and infrastructure for the city to be able to keep the games.

Christchurch's loss is Dunedin's gain. And we look set to host another game, although the quarter-finals will go to Auckland. I am hoping that we will see the England-Argentina game here. And even more exciting...that we will host the English team as its permanent base.

So soon I'll be polishing up my binoculars.....ironing my deerstalker....making friends with local hotel concierges....and doing lots of "fancy bumping into you guys" *smirks*

Image: 'Rugby World Cup 2007 : Flag'

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