Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saying goodbye to my old bath

When we moved into our house back in 2001 I wasn't very impressed with it. It was an old 1920s villa and was a rental property. It had been run down, and we were pressurised into taking it because there was a shortage of rentals that were suitable for a family like ours. We eventually bought the house off the landlord a few years later, and have been renovating it ever since.

One of the things I feel in love with over the years was the bath. I am 99% sure it is the original bath. It is solid steel; much deeper than a modern bath, and so long I can stretch right out in it. I have had many happy hours in it relaxing, reading, eating chocolate and drinking wine.

But it has to go. It needs renovation and with the money it would cost us to renovate it, we pretty much can replace the whole bathroom suite.

So today it's going - as long as we can actually shift it, which will take at least three very strong men - and I'm about to enjoy my last, long soak. It's being replaced with a horrible, plastic modern bath which doesn't look half as romantic.

And as for the old bath, assuming we can get it out of the house in one piece, I will either sell it or use it in the garden for growing veggies.

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