Friday, November 18, 2011

Five benefits to losing weight

Those of you who follow what I am up to on Facebook will know I have started to go to Weight Watchers and am on a huge long-term campaign to lose weight and get fitter. I have a total of 30kg to lose, but to be honest, will be happy to lose anything over 20kg. The main driver is my blood pressure was up to dangerous levels and my back was suffering.

I have a long way to go but have already lost over 12kg and have started to notice that this is making a difference to my life. Here are a few things that my weight loss has impacted on already.

1. My snoring isn't have as bad as it was...much to the great delight of my husband!

2. I can now sit in areoplane seats without getting my bum stuck...and better still...can get the safety belt around me.

3. I can now bend over and do my shoes laces up which means I can go back to wearing those fancy shoes that have been sitting in my wardrobe for years.

4. I can wear my engagement ring again. Now...I have to say that this is a double-edge sword because I no longer have an excuse to ask my hubby for new bling for yet again, another win for him!

5. I can fit into tights again which means I can wear dresses and stop slopping around in jeans all the time.

Have any of you been in the same situation as me? What has been the big impact on you from getting fitter and improving your health?


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Barb said...

Hi Sarah. Yes, I'm with you. I've lost 12 Kgs as well and I think that was the easy bit. Now the hard part begins. It's been bit of a seesaw lately as work meetings and social outings often make it hard to make good choices. (That's my excuse) Dropping a couple of dress sizes has been an absolute bonus as well as the improvement in mobility. Definitely looking forward to wearing those gorgeous shoes again. Keep up the good work.

Tracy Pemberton said...

Hi Sarah, Great job! I have recently lost 30 pounds. I have found many things are better. I quite craving sugar, my balance is better, I sleep more soundly, I don't get as tired with cycling and other outdoor activities, my skin is better and I feel better. People have said I look younger which is nice when you are grandma! I have 12 pounds to go , I start back up at the end of the month... hitting it again. You go girl!

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Barb, yes, I agree...I am half way there but keeping my motivation going for another 15 kg is not going to be easy. In fact, had a major slip this weekend. But I want to go into the 2012 Weight Watchers awards so have to keep going :)

Hi Tracy, none of this is rocket science but the benefits as you have pointed out are so forget how nice it is to be able to sleep well etc.

Great to hear about your achievements, Barb and Tracy...keep up the good work...let me know how you go :)