Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's hard to stay gorgeous

 I have to say that I have recently gained more of an appreciation for the young Hollywood starlets who always look gorgeous in women's magazines.

Last week I went to the Australian College of Midwives conference in Sydney. It is my opinion that Australian midwives are extremely glamorous, especially the ones that come from Sydney. So I thought I had better make a bit of an effort to keep up....I didn't want to be seen as the country mouse coming from Hicksville, New Zealand. So I got my hair highlighted...bought a new dress.......a new pair of high-heeled sandals...and new mascara and lipstick.

The result of all this was that I ended up a thousand dollar poorer. I nearly blinded myself when I tried to clean off my mascara with nail varnish removal instead of make-up removal. And I was crippled by the end of the conference by huge blisters from my sandals, and the high heels aggravated my dodgy back. 

Now I am back in "Hicksville" and glad to be slopping about in old jeans and tee-shirts again. And the dress and sandals are back in the wardrobe ready for the next conference!


Anonymous said...

And you did look fabulous! It was lovely to meet you real life :)

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you, midwifethinking....hope to have a longer chat next time we meet up :)

Dot said...

Funny, that link between conferences and painful feet. I avoid the heels, but my two main conferences this past summer involved (a) painfully hot feet and blisters from sandals in the US; (b) wet feet from the constant rain in Bergen, Norway. Next time I run a conference maybe I should try for a tie-in with a foot spa:-)

Sarah Stewart said...

That sounds like a very good idea, Dot :)