Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hooked on Kindle

I will never be one of those who advocates getting rid of paper books and turning completely to electronic books. There is nothing that I love more than relaxing in the bath and reading my book...and that's not at all easy to do with an electronic book.  But having said that, I have just downloaded Kindle onto my lap top and am a little bit hooked on it.

I just cannot get over how quick and easy it is to download books from Amazon...which is a bit of a problem because you spend money without realizing it. The way I am getting around this is to only download free, or very cheap books. So I belong to a discussion list that lets you know about all the latest freebies.

If you interested in knowing more about this, have a look at these resources:

Free Kindle Books: A Guide - Lauren Indvik
Kindle Free eBooks: Collections - Amazon
List of Free Kindle Books - Josh Hanagarne

Do you know of any other places where I can access free books that I can download onto Kindle, especially soppy historical romances or educational textbooks?


Anonymous said...

Sarah Stewart said...

Yes, Google Books is a great resource for books, especially if they are not recent releases. Thank you.

Hervé said...

As I never use Kindle, I am intrigued. From a reader point of view, what makes the Kindle application better than Acrobat reader (for example)? Does it let you open any pdf file?



Sarah Stewart said...

Hello Herve, I have to say I am not an expert, but Kindle is different from Adobe Reader. Kindle only allows you to read books that are in Kindle format and I think it is an Amazon you can only download books from Amazon for it...