Monday, September 17, 2007

The joys of iGoogle

A constructive outcome of the 'technological chaos' that ensued last week was my introduction to iGoogle. iGoogle is Google's homepage that you can alter to tailor to your own particular needs. I am not gong to put the instruction here: however, you can see a screen cast with instructions on YouTube. Sue Waters has also published a useful guide to iGoogle. My favorite elements are the quick reference to Google Reader and the templates that I have customized so that I can see the latest blog entries about a topic I have chosen ie I have set up two templates that allow me to monitor the latest that is said on a blog about midwifery and e-mentoring.

This is a great resource, alongside Google Reader-well worth taking the time to install into your virtual life.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah for linking to my information on iGoogle. I notice that you are getting into wikispaces so you might want to also check out my tips for getting more out of wikis.


Sarah Stewart said...

That looks fabulous, thank you, Sue.