Saturday, July 26, 2008

Getting Grandma to blog

It must have been about a year ago that I heard about Olive Riley who was deemed to be the world's oldest blogger at the grand old age of 107, and I left her a note on her blog. Alerted by 'Clinical Cases and Images' I see that she has recently died in her Sydney nursing home.

Olive turned the whole idea that 'it is only young people who engage with technology' on its head and is an inspiration to us all.

What especially inspired me was that Olive used blogging and video to pass on her knowledge and memories, which is now a wonderful historical resource for us all.

Tell a story
So next time you are visiting an elderly relative or friend, get out your tape recorder, MP3 player or video camera and capture a story before it is lost for all time.

Or for that matter, have a think about a story you have to tell that you should record to pass on to future generations?

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