Sunday, January 18, 2009


Just one more day before I leave the family and move to Brisbane for six months. My husband and daughter are staying in Dunedin. My son is thinking about coming over to Australia for a few months, but he has got to get some money together first.

But the question is....who's going to sort out the socks when I've gone?!


rclarke said...

I wouldn't worry TOO much sarah. If it's anything like my pile then none of those socks have a matching partner. Maybe we should get our "lost socks" piles together and see if we can make a whole pair.

Sarah Stewart said...

You are oh sooo right!

I'm looking forward to giving the family a tutorial tomorrow on how to use the washing machine :)

Jo said...

I blame the Borrowers (a bit like Hobbits)- they use them as sleeping bags (swags), also our washing machine eats them so probably yours does too - JoHart (Twitter)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move xx

classyadele said...

Looks like the hubby would have to step up as Ze Socks Sorter now! :)

Aww dont worry, everyone'll manage just fine. That includes you too! :-)

Have a good trip, Sarah

Anonymous said...

As a person who knits socks. I believe you should take the step of telling them to put socks in a laundry bag (the ones you chuck in the washer with delicate unmentionables) to lessen the loss of socks.
That is what I do with my hand knits.
I'm just crazy that way.
Have a safe trip.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hello everyone, thank you all for getting in touch - you've all put a smile on my face and I really appreciate your good wishes for my trip. I'll keep you up to date with how I get on - it will be great to have your company on this new journey of mine, especially as I will be alone in Brissie. Mind you, I won't miss all thats involved with running a house & looking after 3 other adults!

Helen said...

Gidday Sarah - hope your trip goes well and you have a fantastic time. Don't worry about the socks - you won't need them in Brisbane and by the time you get home they will have sorted themselves out.



Sarah Stewart said...

thanks, sarah