Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to find party dresses in Second Life

There are many places in Second Life where you can go and find new clothes that are free. But finding these places can be difficult when you are a newbie. And even when you get to a store, it can be a little intimidating finding your way around and knowing how to change into the new clothes.

One place you can go is Performance Island which is affiliated to Coventry University. Once you get there, you will find a choice of some fabulous free party dresses which you can have. Unfortunately there are no dress suits for you chaps, but don't let that stop you having fun!

How to get there

1. Teleport to Performance Island:

2. Follow the sign to "Ladies Dance Wear"

Choose a dress

3. Click onto the dress you would like to try on.

4. Click onto "buy" (don't worry, although it says "buy", the dresses are free and you do not need any money). The dress will be saved in your inventory.

Putting on your dress

5. Go to your inventory on bottom right hand corner and click onto "recent items"

6. Click onto folder which will have title of dress eg "Blue Ruffles Gown". In the folder will be various items of clothing that will make up the whole outfit ie shirt, skirt and shoes.

7. Click on an item of clothing. Then right click and then click onto "wear".

8. Repeat this on each item of clothing until you are wearing the whole outfit.

Now you are ready to go and "party on down!"

Do you know of any other places where you can get free clothes, for chaps as well as women?

Images: Petal Stransky (me) and Aastra Apfelbaum (Deborah Davis)


Todd Cochrane said...

Any chance you could show us how to find suits for men?

Sarah Stewart said...

I'll do my best, especially as I have just signed up for a man avatar: Felix Arbenlow :)

Teal Etzel said...

I am not sure if you know but there are a number of blogs that write about freebies to be found on the grid.
Fab free
The freebie telegraph
Fashion freebies for men

I am not associated with any of these blogs but thought you would like to know about them as most post daily and they all find some great freebies that are available in Second life.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for that, Teal.