Saturday, June 11, 2011

Virtual publication boot camp

I am doing my usual thing of biting off more than I can chew, but in a last minute dash to get a paper published before the end of the year for PBRF, I have started two writing projects based around the premise that you can write a paper in six weeks.

One of the projects
I am working through in a face-to-face group of colleagues led by Dr Linda Wilson. The second project is a replication of the face-to-face process except we are doing it online - you can follow the virtual publication boot camp in the wiki:

I am working through this virtual project with Bronnie Thompson (NZ) and Helen Hickson (Australia), with people like Alan Cann (UK) following from the sidelines.

I very much want to write a paper about ePortfolio because there is little written from the long-term, practitioner's point of view. However, I'll never get it written in six weeks because I do not have a literature review nor have I done any sort of preparation. So I think I'm going to focus on blogging and reflective practice. This will be a personal commentary based on an essay I have just written for my Educational Doctorate. Again, there is little literature written about blogging and reflective practice from a practitioner's point of view, and few longitudinal studies.

So the next six weeks are going to be extremely hectic but I am very excited about another opportunity to show what you can achieve with one's personal learning network.

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