Friday, July 29, 2011

Scary video of me talking about social media

Here's a video of me talking about social media at the Gold Coast Media Club July 13 2011. I talk about my journey and experience of social media and end my presentation with some tips about how to effectively use social media.

Have you ever watched yourself on video? This is probably the first time I have seen such a clear video of myself and it's scary, and there's definitely good news and bad news. The good news is I think I don't look too bad for my age...that hair colour is natural, you know! The bad news is....boy, I've got to lose some weight!

The other horrible thing is the way I use my hands and arms. I'm waving them around all over the place...I look like a's a wonder I didn't take off! I know this in part is nerves, but it's obviously something I'm going to have to pay attention to.


moira stephens said...

scary- no, engaging and animated - yes! I spoke on a video about BM transplant education - I was horrified to see (in my vanity) that the side of my mouth droops a la Palsy or stroke like way! Lot of hand waving too! Bit like those old golf lessons - the camera never lies but can help us tidy up!! great talk.

Sarah Stewart said...

Yes, you're right...watching a video of yourself teaching is one of the best tools for critiquing your own teaching. I know I do the arms things...I find it so difficult to stop. As I said, it's a nerves I've got to find another way of dealing with my nervousness.