Friday, April 12, 2013

WHO and competencies for midwife educators

The World Health Organisation is in the process of developing a set of ‘Core Competencies for Midwifery Educators’. At a global consultation in Geneva in December 2012 a set of draft competencies necessary for all midwifery educators were discussed and further developed. Following this a Technical Review Group was established to further this work.

These competencies are now ready for a wider global consultation.  And so midwives and midwife educators are invited to fill out a brief survey which seeks feedback on the draft competencies:

What I am not sure about is the relationship between these proposed competencies and the ICM work in this area, including the ICM standards for midwifery education:

What do you think should be the core competencies of a midwifery educator/lecturer? 

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Jean Sack said...

Sarah, Peter Johnson has a printed copy of 2013 Midwifery Educator Core Competencies but I cannot find the digital copy in any web or WHO site searches. What is the on-line publishing problem?