Sunday, August 26, 2007

A daughter who wants to be a midwife!!

Just spoke to my daughter who is thinking about applying to be a midwife. She asked me what I thought. Midwifery is a wonderful profession and I have had many great years as a midwife, and met many wonderful women and colleagues, who have taught me much about life, relationships and communication. At the same time, midwifery is politically, personally, socially and emotionally challenging and I am not sure how committed she would be to live that life. Ultimately, that is her decision to make and it is her life to lead. At another level-my daughter following in my footsteps; how exciting is that!!??!! One serious issue we would have to consider is the implication of her doing the course where I teach. We'd have to work through the issue of favoritism and making sure she was not seen to be advantaged over other students, or disadvantaged as the case may be. On the other hand, she'll get to see what an old battle axe I can be!!

The question that I leave with midwives is: what advice would you give to a young woman (man) who wants to be a midwife?

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tricia thompson said...

hi sarah. my daughter - when she was young - used to think she wanted to be a midwife like her mother, until i caught a wee bit of vomit on me once when a woman vomited as she pushed. there were some questions when i came home to get showered and changed: vomit? oh no; i knew there was blood and poo - thats all right, but not vomit!! i couldnt cope with that she said! (she was about 13 or 14 at teh time). its more than 10 years later, and she's an environmentalist now - no close up body fluids.

fun blog spot; have to work out how to ge teh video to work as it didnt work for me