Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Have been learning about del.icio.us which is a program that allows you to save your bookmarks whatever the computer you are working on. This is really useful if you access more than one computer. What is really exciting is that by linking your bookmarks, people are able to search and find your books marks making a network of interest. So, I link up to a load of web sites about midwifery - you hook into my del.icio.us and see what I am interested in as well as save time by having instant access to midwifery web sites. I am not sure if I have explained it very well, so the best thing is to have a play and see what you can find out through your own explorations. What impresses me so much is the ease with which it works. The key is: have a play and don't be afraid to get lost or make a mistake.

The only thing I feel at times with all these different programs and technologies, is that I am going round and round, like on a very fast merry-go-round, and I get so lost on the Internet, that I feel sea-sick (or Internet=sick) and I long to get off. I think the only answer is familiarity-as I become more knowledgeable about the different resources and incorporate them into every day life, the easier it will be to get on and off the merry-go-round as and when I want.

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Carolyn McIntosh said...

Haven't got into delicious yet but I stumbled on google reader today. When i typed in elearning it came up with some really interesting stuff.