Monday, August 27, 2007

The man who lost his head

Watched Martin Clunes in 'The man who lost his head' last night. I have always loved his acting but have been a huge fan since the TV series 'William and Mary' in which he played a funeral director in love with Mary, who is a midwife. The way the series depicted midwives was excellent-very true to life, and promoted natural childbirth. Anyway, I really enjoyed last night's show which told the story of an English museum director who visits New Zealand to look at the possibility of repatriating a Maori artifact. My favorite line was a joke that one of the characters told-what do Maori families do when they cannot afford a camera and want a family photo-they drive very fast past a speed camera!


Carolyn McIntosh said...

My goodness you have been going long enough to have older posts!! You must be an old hand at this blogging thing now and you got a response from Nancy white, you must be feeling pretty chuffed.

Carolyn McIntosh said...

I loved the man who lost his head too.