Friday, October 5, 2007

Email meltdown

I have finally got around to creating a Gmail account. I have been resisting because I do not like having lots of different email accounts but things came to a head this morning. My husband had a fit because of all the emails we were getting into our family email account from TradeMe, which is the New Zealand equivalent of E-bay. I am totally hooked on it and buy and sell historical romances, much to the disgust of my more academic friends - no, I lie - much to the disgust of all my friends! The other crises point is that my work email is going to be down ALL weekend. I have used my work email to log into all my accounts such as YouTube, Google etc. I could not bear to be without access my emails for such an horrendously long time, so have now switched everything into my Gmail account. I just hope it all works.


Carolyn McIntosh said...

I am finding gmail great, although i have not put all my eggs in that basket. I have it set up on my Igoogle page and can instantly see new mails coming in.

Sarah Stewart said...

You must tell me how I can do that!