Monday, October 29, 2007

Online Midwifery Meetings - Q&A

A couple of questions and answers that have come up about the online midwifery meetings:

Do I have to have Skype downloaded to make this work?

No, you don't need Skype-that's a different application altogether. The only thing is: if Elluminate doesn't work (by some terrible twist of fate), we could mini-conference using Skype. But I have arranged the first session deliberately during daylight hours so we've got technical help available if we require it.

I hope to be able to participate if you are amenable to cross Tasman involvement! Can I clarify that you have reversed the times for each session - the first is NZ time 1000 and the second is NZ time 2200 - is that correct?

I'd be thrilled if you could/would join. I tried to organize times so I could capture as many time zones as possible: Australia being one of them, although the time is not as good as it could have been for you. I have swapped the times around as an experiment to see what suits people best. Also, the first session I want to have as many support people around as I can get, as its my first international Elluminate session. Please feel free to invite as many people as you like.

How many people can attend the meetings?

The meetings are limited to 50 people due to constraints of license so make sure you log in on time to make sure you get a place.

Do I need a user name or password?



Carolyn McIntosh said...

This is getting exciting Sarah. It looks as though we will have some activity. I can't wait!

Sarah Stewart said...

I am very excited about this too. But I have to say, following my experience on Elluminate last night, its a lot harder being a facilitator than you think. I thought it would be easy because there are no staring faces to look at-it feels quite anonymous. But actually you need good facilitation skills especially when conversation flags. So whilst I'm excited, I am also very nervous about this, especially if we get a good size international participation-I don't want to look like a right idiot!

Carolyn McIntosh said...

How do you want to organise the facilitation? Do you want us both to be in the same physical space? Or will we do it from our individual abodes? I am a bit worried as My computer continually keeps losing the connection. Seems to be every time I ask a question i lose the connection as someone is responding. it is very frustrating. I will give it a go on our other older computer and see how I get on. I am going to tke this laptop into the shop and assertively suggest that it needs to fixed or exchanged (given the amount of money i spent on it)

Carolyn McIntosh said...

Regarding the conversation flagging. I wouldn't worry too much. you know how midwives love to talk about midwifery. The difficulty might be getting them to stop taking perhaps. Lets be positive about this. what do you think of my Gliffy model? Would it be any good for this?

Leigh Blackall said...

I'm excited for you too!! I hope this works out for you, or at least your midwebbies are willing to give a few goes...

Sarah Stewart said...

Another brilliant word from you, Leigh to go with midwikery. You'll have to start charging me soon for your creative input!