Sunday, October 14, 2007

England in the final - the gloating continues!

I know none of my friends and colleagues are interested in this but I cannot stop gloating now that England is in the World Cup Rugby final. Maybe the unlikely dream will become a reality after all and we retain the title. Whatever the outcome, England has surpassed this fan's expectations and made for a great world cup as far as I am concerned.

Photo from BBC news.


Carolyn McIntosh said...

Not lacking interest but perhaps lacking passion. I am totally amazed and surprised that England are back in the finals again. Everything I had heard was that they had totally flunked out after their previous success. Having no knowledge of the topic myself I have no idea. Still they can obviously pull it off when it counts, good on them. My family in Cumbria and Essex will be ecstatic.

I went to the Otago game a few years ago where Otago won the provincial title or something. Loved the atmosphere and the highlight for me was the Mexican wave which kept going round the crowd. I enjoyed the vocal support which I joined in with but I didn't have a clue what was going on on the field.

Sarah Stewart said...

I'll have to take you next time I go to a game!

Occupational Therapy Otago said...

Hi Sarah
I don't know what to say... will they ever let you back into Carisbrooke with this kind of attitude?

Next time

Sarah Stewart said...

Ahhhh, Jackie, but I am also a great Highlanders and Otago fan!