Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Afternoon tea at the Savoy, Dunedin

I know I wasn't going to post many personal posts but I've just had such fun, I had to post up some photos. I went to The Savoy in Dunedin, for afternoon tea with some of my dear colleagues from the School of Midwifery, Otago Polytechnic. The Savoy used to be an old tearoom and restaurant in Dunedin about 100 years ago. Now it is a function centre. Every now and then, they put on afternoon tea and everyone gets dressed in their finery-then we came along!! I also took along Andrew and a couple of his girl friends. He was about the only chap there and the average age of the women had to be at least 60. Needless to say, he ate his sandwiches and flew off. Meanwhile, us girls/grown up women had great fun trying on different hats. After having tea at The Savoy in London (and paid a fortune for it) the tea here in Dunedin didn't quite live up to standards. However, we had great fun and I've posted heaps of photos on FlickR. The lovely ladies below are Carolyn and Rae.


Sue Waters said...

Can I say that I burst out laughing when I read this post? Well I did any way. Just because you said "I know that I was not going to post too many personal posts". Honestly I totally love your personal posts - love hearing what you get up to and enjoyed finding out about this other aspect of your life.

Have a great time in Queensland. Sorry can't help you out with eportfolios although we have discussed them at our etools and tips for educators community .

Sue Waters said...

Just reading this post on student voices and thought you might like to read the section on teachers sharing their passions.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you for your feedback, Sue. The 'student voices' was very interesting and echoes feedback we've had from our students.

As for personal posts, you're the second person to say that you like reading personal stuff and on reflection, I like to read personal posts as well because it does give context to the writer. So, I'll probably keep that up.

A serious question: how do you add a hyper link in this comment form - I haven't managed to work that out.