Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Does your control freak need liberating?

I really love this slide show because I think it epitomizes where I want to go with regards to my presentation style - lots of fabulous images backed up with minimal but relevant text. The show is called 'How to liberate your control freaks' authored by Stephens Collins.


David McQuillan said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm really into the style of presentation that you're talking about, mainly due to my reading around cognitive load theory (CLT).

According to book (which is based on CLT) we have a visual and audial channel for receiving information. If words are delivered as audio this clarifies the task of the visual channel to interpret the picture. Presenting words as text on the screen makes it harder for learners to take meaning from the presentation.

Obviously there are benefits to using text in web-based presentations (i.e. download time).

Sarah Stewart said...

I have been fascinated at the way presentations have been presented at the ASCILITE conference this week. Keeping in mind that these people are all teachers, many at a high level, I have been surprised at how boring some presentations are.

The first key note speaker made a point of saying that he is now using minimal text on his slides and mostly images, so it was good to have that validation of my own feelings (thanks to Sue Waters).