Thursday, November 22, 2007

Using photos to improve your presentations

I have mentioned before how to use Flickr as a source of images that you can use in your presentations. However, you do have to be careful that they have an appropriate creative commons license attached to them, which means you can use the photo without asking for special permission. Having said that, you must check what form of attribution you must make.

I have found that it is very time consuming searching Flickr to find an appropriate photo that has a creative commons license, and I am too lazy to email people asking for permission to use their photos if the license is 'all rights reserved'.

But Sue Waters has come to my rescue, yet again, in her post: Quick and easy ways to get more out of images. Sue recommends Flickrcc which is a search engine that quickly searches Flickr photos that have a creative commons license. I love this tool - it is very convenient and gives you access to some amazing images without having to spend ages trolling through Flickr. I wish I could thank all the people who are generous enough to put a creative commons licence on their work.

Just remember:
1. to acknowledge all images according to the license when you use them in your presentations;
2. to add a creative commons license to the photos you are happy to share when you put them up on Flickr - an 'all rights reserved' license is automatically placed on them until you change the default setting to a creative commons license.

Image: 'Emerson9s computer labs love Creative Commons'

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Leigh Blackall said...

Yep. Flickrcc is great. Was developed by a mate of mine in Australia. Its great how you can edit and add text on the service too.

You can search CC images directly in flickr too: