Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My year 2009 in SlideShare

One of my top places to go for information and inspiration is SlideShare, which is a site where you can upload your PowerPoint presentations - works in the same way as YouTube does for videos. When I can, I upload all my PowerPoint presentations to SlideShare. This allows me to share information with people as well as get feedback on my work.

Last year I uploaded 11 presentations. I got 6345 views, with an average of 576.82 views per presentation. Eight shows became someone's "favorites", and my account has 20 followers. When you think that one presentation may only be seen by about 30 people at a moderate size conference, this is an effective way of getting your message heard.

This is my most popular slideshow with 1263 views, four favorites and 12 comments:

Do you use SlideShare to seek information and share presentations? What is your favorite presentation? What is your most popular presentation with others?

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