Saturday, January 9, 2010

Please vote for logo for 24 Hour Virtual International Day of the Midwife

It's taken me all day but I have come up with seven possibilities for a logo for the 24 Hour Virtual International Day of the Midwife event. It's going to cost me just under $40 but I think it will be worth having a decent logo for advertising, and for people to use as a badge for their blogs etc. I have kept it generic so it can be re-used...but then again, that may not be such a good may be better to have a different logo each year...what do you think?

I do not have an artistic bone in my body so would really appreciate your feedback on the choices, so please feel free to take this short Doodle poll indicating your preferred choice.

10/1/2010 Update
Three more logos have been designed for me by Jean Jacoby (thank you soooo much Jean!). You can see them here on my Flickr stream as options 8, 9, and 10. I have closed the Doodle poll because I am going to go with one of these three latest logos - I think they depict the event more accurately and they won't cost me anything.

So have a look, leave a comment about which you prefer: I'd love feedback on colour and wording as well as design. Thank you :)


Sandy Causer said...

Hi Sarah,

I am not a midwife, so I may be talking out of turn, but I think you should put the year on the logo. Over time it helps to show experience and how up to date a site or person's knowledge/pd is. (Also some people get a kick out of collecting them - a bit like collecting Girl Guide badges!)

I looked at your Flikr stream and saw that you actually went to an Option 10. I am interested to know why you only put the canned versions in the poll as I prefer the other three. In particular I like Option 10 although I could see that having Australia as the focus of the globe might cause issues (just like having the americas as the focus causes some issues for the rest of the world - frustrated sigh!). Maybe this could be overcome by putting the Option 9 logo in place of the globe?

Anyway, I'll stop now because you probably had other reason's for going with the "design site" logos.

Best of luck,

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Sandy

I'm thrilled to get your feedback because the whole thing is turning into a huge headache :)

The logs on this poll are ones that I will have to pay for. The other three logo on my Flickr account are ones that have been kindly put together by a friend, Jean Jacoby. So I'll probably go for one of those because it won't cost me anything.

And I think you're right about putting the year, especially as there isn't a cost issue any more.

Do you, by any chance, know how to turn a logo into html so people can embed it into a blog etc?

moira said...

I really liked option 10, thought it had a power that the others didn't quite capture. Apologies for being too late to vote

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks Moira - my hubby thought the same but I'm afraid consensus has opted for option 9. I'll show off the logo when we've got the text sorted.

InfoMidwife said...

Hi Sarah,
is this your final choice? i do like it and can see how this is creating a headache for you, the best laid plans....I do prefer the world with europe-africa it may attact more people... and Australia does dominate the other one only because NZ is so small...ops sorry about that... the wording is would be good to incorporate some sort of computer language to show the link between the world and internet...something like the @ sign but in a thinner line surrounding the world and abdomen... sort of follows that art work... if you see what I mean...great work...

InfoMidwife said...

Sarah, I also like option 8 it would be more abstract with maybe a faded world map within it and a thinner @ not a double line one as it is hard to describe what I am thinking.... you would need to surround the body with the same wording as the other choice... this would be a more abstract approach....
good luck

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Infomidwife

You'll see the logo we have finally chosen on the right hand corner of this blog - and Australia is not longer the centre of the world!! LOL

You can down load the logo from my Flickr account.

I have to admit, my only concern is that when it is small, you can't see the writing. But I'm not worrying too much - I think this is a fabulous effort and it's not costing me anything.

What I need to do now is turn it into html so people can embed it into their blogs etc if they want to.

Sarah Stewart said...

Everyone: please can you do my another favour and tell me what you think.

1. When you look at the logo at the top right hand corner of my blog, do I need additional text to tell people to click on the logo so it will take them through to the event wiki, or will people find that out for themselves?

When you go to the event wiki, is the logo sufficient imagery, or should I add more midwifery pictures to the actual pages?