Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meeting people who actually read my blog

It was very exciting on Friday to meet people who actually read my blog. I don't have a large readership and use this blog primarily to process my own thinking and learning. But it's lovely hear that people find my writing interesting (although goodness knows why!?) and get some useful information out of it.

So a big 'hello' to Susie Lepage, Yvonne Rika and Jean Jacoby who are nurses and educators interested in exploring Second Life for nurse education. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you'll find what I have written to be of help as you plan your Second Life project, especially my experiences of working on the virtual birthing unit.

To anyone who reads this blog: please don't be afraid to leave a comment to say 'hello'. It feels very lonely here at times and is always nice to hear from people, even if it's just a quick word or two :)


Natalie said...

Hi Sarah - I've still to meet anyone that reads my blog apart from a colleague that I know reads it, so can understand the excitement you felt in meeting people who read your blog. It's been interesting to read your recent posts about Second Life, thanks for sharing your reflections. Keep up the blogging, there still aren't many involved in health professions education in the blogosphere, so good to hear what you have to say.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Natalie, great to hear from you. I've met a few Twitter folk but not so many bloggers.

Thanks for your encouragement to blog. I went through a stage when I did little blogging because I preferred to use Twitter but I've come back to blogging again because it allows me to think in a little more depth than Twitter does.

It's great to keep in touch with health professionals online...keep in touch :)

Jean Jacoby's blog said...

Hi Sarah... as one of your blog followers whom you met in real life, I have to say that,for me, blogging is so much better than Twitter. I've tried, really I have, but can't get past the trivia that seems to flood tweets. The reason I enjoy your blog is that it is clearly thought out, structured and thought-provoking,not just a sound bite. And relevant to what I do!

Sarah Stewart said...

It was great to meet you, Jean - meeting face-to-face always adds an extra dimension to online relationships.

Thank you for your kind words. I hope I can be helpful, just as I find other bloggers are very helpful to me. I have found the networking I do via my blog and others absolutely invaluable...far supasses anything I am able to do in the F2F context. :)

m.stephens said...

Hi Sarah, I always read your blog- have RSS feed into my phone to enjoy in the train. I must apologise though as I rarely comment, primarily due to phone logistics. This was a tad fiddly! I will try & share my thoughts rather than keeping the to myself! Thanks for sharing your work/thoughts/ musings etc. Moira

Marja said...

Hi Sarah, I always read your blog but often find it too hard to write a comment. My first language is Finnish, so I guess I'm forgiven ;)

I've also used your blog as an example of a health care / medical / etc. -blog. I try to activate and motivate our teachers to write about teaching.

Maybe one day we meet in some conference - if not IRL, then SL :)

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you Moira...I'll let you off. Interesting to hear you say you access my blog on your mobile device. Mobile education is soemthing I need to look into more.

Hei Marja, kiitos niin paljon kommentteja ... kuulla sinusta. Koska asia kiinnostaa, käytät Google Translate työkalu?

Tapaamme sinua SL ... What's your SL nimi.

Terveisin, Sarah

Hi Marja, thank you so much for to hear from you. As a matter of interest, do you use the Google Translate tool?

Look forward to meeting you in SL...what's your SL name.

best wishes, Sarah