Monday, November 9, 2009

Free mini-conference starts today

The course 'Facilitating Online' has a mini-conference that starts today - details can be found here. There are a range of free synchronous and asynchronous events that you can attend - if you want to know more about a particular event, please contact the individual facilitator.

This mini-conference is the highlight of the course I have been facilitating over the last few months - I feel like a new mum about to give birth :) I'm a little nervous but also very excited.

So please feel free to attend and support the students - I'm sure you'll find heaps to interest you, especially if you want to know more about social networking and eLearning:
  • All you need to know about Twitter
  • Going online to save the mala - early lessons from a web-based conservation planning process
  • Use of wiki in education
  • Implementing online tools into your teaching
  • Google Reader and Delicious
  • Moodle, Ning, Wikieducator,Facebook and WiZiQ
  • Too many cooks spoil the broth, so they say....So what of Too many Tools?

Image: 'yellow umbrella' // solidether

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