Saturday, November 21, 2009

Joining a "Learn4Content" workshop

I have just joined a free two week workshop called Learn4Content facilitated by Wikieducator - it starts on Monday 23rd November if you're interested in joining.

What is Wikieducator?
Wikieducator is a non-profit wiki that is used by teachers to develop teaching and learning resources that are open and free for use by everyone. It works in the same way as Wikipedia. I have always complained that Wikieducator is difficult to use for newbies, especially compared to wiki such as Wikispaces. However, I am feeling a lot more confident since I started using Wikieducator for the Second Life Education New Zealand project:

What I want to achieve

I feel comfortable with very basic wiki skills so my aim for the course is to grow my skills so I can do more complex things in the wiki such as add media, construct brochures, and develop my personal page. Ultimately, I want to feel confident enough to edit Wikipedia.

Online facilitation
The other thing I am interested in is seeing how other people facilitate online. Willie Campbell did this workshop last time and recommended I did the workshop because it is such a wonderful example of online facilitation. In view of the fact that I teach online facilitation and can always improve my own skills, I thought it would be a good opportunity to experience differing facilitation styles and methods.

...and it is that's all good.


willie campbell said...

a wikibuddy indeed. well done.
I have just tried to put a comment in your wikipage through the edit function, but can't find a way to login. Is there some level access here that I'm missing?
I'm very curious about your [perception of the way this workshop has been facilitiated?
Did you find that Vygotsky's "scaffolding" might underpin the process?

Sarah Stewart said...

The workshop starts tomorrow so can't comment on the facilitation just yet so will let you know...and thanks to reference to Vygotsky...will keep that in mind as I go through workshop.

I can't see any problem with logging into wikieducator...if you continue to have issues with it, I'd suggest you get in touch with Wayne Mackintosh