Sunday, November 22, 2009

Normal Labour and Birth: 5th Research Conference

The 5th Normal Labour and Birth Research Conference is coming up next July in Vancouver.

This session will specifically focus on concepts and controversies around the experiences of physiologic birth by providers, women, families, and systems of care within the current social, political, and economic context.

The conference will provide the opportunity to develop and disseminate evidence related to the benefits and challenges of preserving normal labour and birth with a particular focus on the multidisciplinary perspectives on the implications for clinical practice, perinatal outcomes, education, management, collaboration, and policy.

I am thinking I will submit an abstract, talking about how we're using the Second Life normal birth scenario to teach midwifery students about birth environment and how to work with women in primary birth units.

Image: Vancouver at night
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Stella said...

I am lucky enough to had two natural births at home with a midwife. The experience was so completely amazing for our family. Thanks for all your work to promote natural birth no matter what the setting.

Nancy White said...

If you come to Vancouver, you MUST plan a stop in Seattle. PROMISE?

Sarah Stewart said...

You're on, Nancy!