Sunday, November 8, 2009

Second Life and science teachers

I have been asked by one of the science lecturers at Otago Polytechnic to show her Second Life. She is involved with teaching foundation science to students who want to go on to programs like nursing and midwifery.

I want to show her some sites that would interest her and that she can use with her students. The one place I know of is Genome Island, which is a place where you can explore resources and activities that focus on genetics.

Do you know of any other places that would interest a science teacher, especially with a health focus?


Sarah Stewart said...

Second Nature Elucian Islands: Resources on chromosomes and eurakaryotic cell:

Sarah Stewart said...

"The 3d anatomy sim has disappeared. :( However, Nanotech, I can do! They are still around. :)"

Anonymous said...

I'm a physics teacher, and I and others have created exploratory and educational scenes and activities at Etopia in SL.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks anonymous. How are you finding students are using this space?