Sunday, January 31, 2010

What are your top midwifery blogs, websites and online resources?

I have been asked by Bertalan Mesko to come up with five or six top midwifery online resources for his website, Keeping in mind that my context is English-speaking and Australasian, here are my suggestions.

Midwifery Peer-Reviewed Journals
Open, free journals that may be of interest to midwives - most are peer-reviewed
A full list of open eJournals for midwives can be found here.

Midwifery Blogs
News sites
Twitter users, Youtube and SlideShare channels

These are just a few suggestions from me. What online midwifery resources would you recommend? I am especially interested in non-English speaking resources.


Melissa Garvey said...

Thanks for the link to JMWH, Sarah! Also from the American College of Nurse-Midwives, I recommend @acnmmidwives on Twitter,, and Midwife Connection at

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Melissa, I've already got your Twitter account on my list. I'd love to see JMWH freely available in an open access format...hint hint! :)

Also, thanks for Facebook reference. I do not have any FB groups included - how useful do you think FB is for a professional organizations such as yours?

Sarah Stewart said...

@nursingpins suggests blog:

Berci Meskó said...

Thank you, Sarah, for the great list!

Finally, here is PeRSSonalized Midwifery that lets you create a personalized midwifery journal.

Sarah Stewart said...

I'd better warn everyone they are being watched!! :)

Tatiana said...

Great list! Came across it researching for my own related but different list:

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for this list, Tatiana. There are some great resources here that I have never come seen before :)