Monday, October 25, 2010

Checking out the free version of DimDim

DimDim is a web conferencing tool which has a free version that anyone can use. I was very impressed with it last year when I used it in the course 'Facilitating Online'. Up until now I have recommended it to people who work for non-profit organisations or businesses who cannot afford to pay for propitiatory tools.

Unfortunately, I have had to change my mind. may be that I have got things totally wrong and I am being very unfair to which case, I am very happy to be corrected. However, last week I was told by one of the DimDim support team (who I have to say have been extremely responsive and helpful) that the free version only allows the person who set up the meeting to have audio capability. This means if you set up the meeting, you are the only one who can talk. This is in contrast to last year when up to three people could speak at a time.

When I ran a test of DimDim with the students of FO2010, we found it very disconcerting that I was the only one who could talk. So we ended up moving over to Skype for our group conversation. You could use Skype for audio and keep DimDim for showing documents, but that gets quite complicated when you are working with people who are new to online technology. I think it would be easier to do your document work on Google Documents using Skype for audio.

Have you had experience of the free DimDim platform recently...if so, how have you got on?

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Kevin Micalizzi, Dimdim Community Manager said...


I confirmed this for you via email on 11 Oct. With the free version of Dimdim the meeting host can share their camera and audio but can not assign the camera and audio to an attendee. With the premium versions of Dimdim you have 4-way video (with audio)--letting you, as host, assign/re-assign cameras as needed.

We do provide a free telephone conference number with every account (including the free version) that many customers use for audio. I understand you are in New Zealand and a US-based number would be expensive to use. If you have a telephone conference service local to you, you can always update your account preferences to share the local conference calling service information with your attendees.


Kevin Micalizzi, Community Manager
Dimdim Web Conferencing
twitter: @dimdim