Saturday, October 23, 2010

Growing beetroot in pots

I bought some beetroot seeds (Red Globe) last year but never got around to planting them because I didn't have room in my garden and thought they'd be too big to plant in pots.

But I have been reading a book called "Organic crops in pots" by Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell which maintains it is quite possible to grow beetroot in pots. Deborah maintains it is possible to grow beetroot in containers 30cm (12in) high by 35cm (14in) diameter. What she does not say is how many beetroot you can expect to grow in a pot this size.

I have decided to give it a go but it will be a guess as to how many beetroot I can grow. I'll report back how I do.

Do you have any idea of any blogs or websites that give specific information about how much room vegetables need to grow, especially in containers?

Image: 'Gastrocast #41'


mstephens said...

i am also interested to hear about space with beetroot and find out if that was my problem last year. I have just put some ground coffee around the border of the bed. it worked well last year with no slugs or snails getting a free feed. I have also planted marigolds among the herbs and veges as I was advised that that white flies prefer them to other plants. I will watch that space.

Sarah Stewart said...

The lady in the plant shop to leave the amount of space you want the vegetable to grow between each vegetable