Monday, October 11, 2010

Does education and gardening mix?

I have been having a look at the Internet to see what blogs are about that deal with growing vegetables in pots. As far as I can see, there are heaps of blogs about gardening but few address the nitty gritty issues and questions that I have, such as how many beetroot should you sow in a pot of a certain dimension. And certainly very few that are based in New Zealand/Australia.

So...long story short...I have decided to document my experiences of growing veggies in pots, making sure I record very explicit information for people who doing the same thing as me...trying to raise veggies in an urban garden with minimal space.

Up to now, I have been really lazy and posted my gardening posts on this education blog because I cannot be bothered with having a separate blog. But I am wondering if this is a good idea. So I would like to ask your opinion about my options.

1. Keep using this blog for my personal and gardening posts, just as I have been doing up to now.

2. Start another page attached to this to the tabs above...About...Consultancy...Contact...Consultancy...Garden

3. Start a completely new blog.

What do you think is the best idea?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, It must be Spring - the garden is luring us away from our computers. (smiles)
I had a similar conundrum yesterday in deciding whether our BnB should be advertised as a separate page on the Baranduda BLog or a separate site.
I opted for the separate site - as I wanted to try out - it is here at

For yours I would recommend a separate page in your blog and keeping it altogether. I think its a great idea to see a different side of Sarah here.


Sarah Stewart said...

That's a great idea...thanks for that, Carole.

If I have another tab which is my personal stuff...what shall I call it. I thought 'slightly potty' which refers to my interest in growing veggies in pots...what do you think?

Sarah Stewart said...

Darn...just realised that the suggestion of continuing a personal commentary on one of the tabs isn't going to work...the tabs are static pages. This means my choice is to continue my personal posts here or on a separate blog. what do you suggest? Combined blag here or separate blog for my personal/gardening posts?

Jo said...

Hi Sarah

My persoan preference would be keep it all in one place. I like mixed blogs it makes people more "real" and I think anything that adds/rounds out personality is important when we don't meet face to face. After all this is "social" networking - and for me the social oils the wheels of the professional. If you use tags that are garden related and maybe titles as well people should be able to find what they want OK.

Btw with respect to the beetroot, if you are sowing seed then you can thin them out to the right density once they emerge. If you are planting seedlings then it probably depends how big you want them to be at harvest. In a pot situation where they have enough fertiliser and water I suspect that the worst that will happen is cubical beetroot. That is, they will bump into each other as they grow and thus flatten their sides. LOL.


starpath said...

You could go bigger, I think. When I was teaching in HB several colleagues owned and ran orchards as well as having full time teaching (secondary) positions. Not sure it is possible to do that now, but it certainly used to be. What a nice life. So again....think big.

Anonymous said...

I think all in one space. It gives a fuller sense of who you are. The sorting can be done by tags.

Anonymous said...

Maybe add a new tab to this blog which is your life as a small space gardener. Then you can keep it all in one blog but keep it seperate too.

Can't seem to sign in, Carolyn McI here

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks everyone for your input. I'm still not sure what to do...or rather, I know I want to use this one space for all my blog posts...just not sure how to do it without annoying my readers. Still thinking....