Monday, October 26, 2009

Can someone lend me their garden please?

Every spring my hubby and I have the same argument about the garden. I want to have a go at growing vegetables but the truth of the matter is we just don't have enough room. I grow a few tomatoes, but I'd really like to have a decent allotment or something like that.

I understand there are a couple of community gardens in Dunedin, but I'm not too sure what they entail, and I'm too selfish to want to grow a lot of veggies that then get pinched by the 'community'. I also know that Horty Kim is running a permaculture garden at Otago Polytechnic, so I need to go and have a look there.

But what I would really like is for someone to 'lend' me a patch of their garden that I can turn into a veggie patch. If you have a garden that you're not using and would be happy to let me potter around in it, please let me know as soon as possible.


DaveB said...

"truth of the matter is we just don't have enough room."

I would argue with you on that. I'm no great gardener but have seen people do miracles with tiny areas that get sun. You could start by checking out Mel Bartholomew's approach with Square Foot gardening

But also - it's amazing what you can grow in bags and pots

hortykim said...

Hi Sarah,
Please do come down and have a look at Permagrow ,Otago Polytechnic's permaculture garden at L block. In fact,allocating some space to you may not be out of the question-let's have a chat.I do agree with Dave that growing veges in containers can be a fruitful dedication.I could get you started with some container gardening if you like?

Sarah Stewart said...

@hortykim I'll definitely come down and see you next week...look forward to it.

@DaveB Thanks for the link. The question for me is: when does growing in bags etc become economically nonviable ie it's cheaper to go to Pak n Save or the market for your veggies as opposed to forking out for heaps of bags?