Monday, April 12, 2010

Needing help to test an evaluation survey for the Virtual International Day of the Midwife

The Virtual International Day of the Midwife is here in just over three weeks. In order to be able to write up the event and outcomes in a reputable journal afterward, I need to evaluate the event, and the easiest way to do that is to ask participants to answer a quick, online survey. It's suddenly dawned on me that I need approval from my institution ethics (IRB) committee pretty quickly.

So long story short, I'd really appreciate some feedback on this survey that I have developed - here is the link to the survey. Please feel free to make up some answers and work your way through the form.
  • How did you find the questions - were they easy to understand and answer?
  • How did you find the flow of the questions - did they appear to be in a logical order?
  • Were there any questions you would edit or delete?
  • Was there any spelling or grammer mistakes?
  • Are there any questions I should add to the survey?
  • How long did it take you to complete the survey?
Thank you very much :)


Sarah Stewart said...

One thought I have had is a question about people's use of the Internet.

The other question would be how they rate their skills before and after the event...but not too sure about that.

Anonymous said...

1) questions seemed pretty standard to me
2) flow seemed fine
--not sure about adding or deleting, since i'm not sure what your goal is

there are some problems with radio buttons instead of tickyboxes for the multiple answer questions.

i'd put a note about not using email addresses for anything else.

- erika
(who is too lazy to log in)

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks Erika, I didn't realise the difference between multiple choice and check boxes...

I really like using Google Forms to make online surveys as opposed to can add as many questions as you like, and the results go directly into a data base.

The downside is that you cannot set the survey so it is done only once from a particular computer - although I appreciate there's downsides to that too.

Sarah Stewart said...

Feedback from Jen via email:

You asked for feedback on your survey so I thought I'd add my penny's worth (infinitely more interesting than what I'm supposed to be doing!) - hope it's useful.

Lots of the questions have an awful lot of options which is slightly daunting, and there's a lot of text if you're expecting feedback from second language English speakers. With regards to specific questions:
Qu. 3. Do you really need that many categories as there's lots of options - having said that, you may need a 'don't want to disclose' box to avoid putting the delicate flowers amongst us off!
Qu. 7. Again, lots of options - I appreciate that they're all necessary, but is there a way you could split them visually?
Qu. 9. Ambiguous question - change to 'how would you RATE...' ?
Qu. 13. Spelling: presenters
Qu. 14 Ambiguous - wasn't sure what you wanted.
Qu. 15. whoa!!! that's a lot of choices! I know you're a techie, but could you at least list the most familiar options first?

Sarah Stewart said...

Some more email feedback:

Hi Sarah, I think your evaluation form looks great.

However I suggest you change the response of “useless” to “not at all useful”