Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wanted - facilitators for the Virtual International Day of the Midwife 5 May 2010

The Virtual International Day of the Midwife is nearly here - 5th May, 2010, starting 12pm New Zealand time. We have a fabulous program sorted with a range of topics, speakers and technologies - you can find the program here.

Needing facilitators
What we are looking for now are people who would like to take part by being facilitators in the live sessions offered in the Elluminate meeting room. If you have a look at the program, you will see the slots where we need people to help us.

Who can be a facilitator?
Ideally we are looking for midwives or nurses who have an interest and knowledge of the topic, but having said that, you could also be an interested health consumer or educator.

What we do require is that you have access to a computer and headset, that you can use Elluminate on your computer, and you feel confident with online communication and have a reasonable level of ability to handle technology.

The Elluminate meeting room is open now and available for you to have a play and orientate yourself to it. Instructions on how to use Elluminate can be found here.

What do facilitators have to do?
As facilitators what you'd be expected to get in touch with the speaker you have offered to support before the 5th May and make sure they have access to Elluminate and everything is working as it should - this includes checking that any PowerPoint presentations work correctly.

On the day we will ask you to:
  • support the speaker, introduce her, keep her to time, facilitate discussion (make sure people get the chance to ask questions etc), summarize the discussion and end the session at 10 minutes before the hour - this gives the next speaker time to set up etc
  • orientate participants, tell them how to use Elluminate and support them as they set up their microphones and speakers
  • record the session
  • deal with basic technological issues
  • remind people how/where they get their certificates of attendance
  • remind participants how to access the evaluation survey.
If you think you'd be interested in taking part as a facilitator, please let me know.


Unknown said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm sure you and Deborah are very busy preparing for the conference. Post-event, it would be great to do an Elluminate success story. What do you think?

- Beth from Elluminate

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Beth

Yes, I'd be happy to write an Elluminate success story but I've just run into a very serious problem. I thought my institute has a license for 50 seats per room - what they actually have is 50 seats across the whole institute. That leaves me very seriously worried about whether I will have enough seats.

Do you know anywhere/anyone who would give me access to Elluminate where I can have 50 seats?

cheers Sarah

Sarah Stewart said...

Ignore that last comment, Beth. We have access to at least 30 seats and I think that will be enough.

Do feel free to pop by and see how we are doing :)

Carolyn said...

Apparently we now have licence for 200 seats so should be totally fine.

Sarah Stewart said...

This is fabulous news, Carolyn...thanks for that :)