Thursday, February 12, 2009

Collaborative mindmaps with MindMeister

I have never been a particularly visual person and have always done my brainstorming in text. But over the last couple of years I have been relying more heavily on diagrams and mindmaps to plan projects, and process my thinking.

I have just been introduced to MindMeister by Sue Hickton, which is a great mindmapping tool . What I really like about this tool is that you can collaborate together on the mindmap at the same time. The other thing I liked about it, is that you can make notes about each node and add a url.

Alternative presentation tool
I think this is a great way of presenting ideas as a change to PowerPoint. I have been asked to talk to young professionals in aged and community care about networking in a couple of weeks - I think I will use MindMeister as my presentation tool.

What alternative presentation tools to PowerPoint do you use?


catkins_in_nz said...

What an excellent tool Sarah - thanks for posting this. I used to use mindmaps to structure my teaching many years ago and long before powerpoint - I had kind of forgotten how good they were! This has encouraged me to get back into them again!

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks, Claire. I am guilty of under-using them, but as I said, I am thinkng more and more in terms of these sorts of diagrams. Is it an age thing? I would love to know why my way of learning is becoming more visual - I wonder if it is because of the work I do here on this blog?

David McQuillan said...

Looks cool, and my mind started thinking about ways to use it immediately.

But as soon as I turned up on the page I noticed that it needs an account to be set up before you can use it. Can I expect my students to sign up for another username & password just to use this mind-mapping service?

I'm not sure unfortunately. Would it be great if everyone used OpendID or something similar?