Sunday, February 22, 2009

Missing my girl

I am extremely privileged to have a wonderful daughter who I am very proud of. We are best friends as well as daughter/mother. We have missed each other very much since I have moved to Brisbane although we speak to each other most days via Facebook and MSN. I have even been able to give her my advice on what to wear on a date as she showed me the various choices of outfit by web cam (not that she took my advice, of course!).

Visit to Brisbane
The last couple of weeks she has been here on holiday with a friend. They have done the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise, and dropped into Brisbane for a few days to see me.

Catching up
We had a fabulous time catching up, shopping and doing lots of eating. The highlight of her visit was having a ride on the Brisbane Wheel and going to the Sunday markets.

Back to the cold and wet
She's gone back to New Zealand and we'll be seeing each other again at Easter. In the meantime, we'll keep in touch with the wonderful communication tools that are the available on the Internet.


InfoMidwife said...

HI Sarah, yes i have a wonderful daughter as well, so I know what that feels like and I also miss her terribly when I am away - it is so good to be able to communicate via FACEBOOK and MSN what would we do without it?

Sarah Stewart said...

But, are we being too clingy? :)